Ballot-Flurin ligger i Frankrike och tar hand om bina på ett snällt sätt, dvs: Apiculture Douce = Gentle Beekeeping.
Deras bi-produkter produceras lokalt i Pyreneerna utan närhet till mijöföroreningar. Vi säljer bara bi-produkter vi vet är helt rena och tillverkas med respekt för bin, eko-system och människa.

Här kommer en text på engelska om Gentle Beekeeping:

Fruit of 30 years of research l'Apiculture Douce® (the Gentle Beekeeping) is a very novating way of practising differently our Beekeeper-maker job. It is at once a philosophy and a set of concrete know-hows designed to go beyond the official bio-labels. Now accepted in France and all over the world, the Gentle Beekeeping is far more than a further garantee of quality products:
It is an ecosystemic thought based on an in-depth conviction: a beautiful nature is favouring a beautiful mankind. Everything is linked.

What is l'Apiculture Douce® (Gentle Beekeeping)?

Preserving our health and beauty implies protecting also the health and beauty of the bees, of nature and human society as a whole. Gentle Beekeeping is based on the following main principles:

  • Respect of the hive with the language of the bees.

Do you know that a care and beauty preparation efficiency first of all depends on the quality of the constituting apiary ingredients? Moreover it is the hive, a real natural ecological chemical plant, which is producing honey, royal jelly, etc., and not man!Now very few people consider bees as being a venerable civilisation, which goes back 120 million year, and endowed with a high sensitivity andwith a real intelligence, that we should admit and understand. Therefoe it is our duty to deeply respect them and toreally collaborate with them, and not content us with taking their treasures like thiefs.Philippe, the Master of the hive, really does speak with the little people of bees, following the example of other initiated who 'speak' with horses and wolfs: He understands their dance, comes up to their needs and sees to their well-being... In return he asks the bees to give him their treasures without ever forcing them. The language of the bees is the soul of the Gentle Beekeeping.Respected bees => healthy bees => plentiful and sound apiary ingredients.

  • Respect of environment with concrete actions.

It is nature which is nourishing the bees. It is the reason for it is important to preserve and enrich their direct environment.We therefore make sure to preserve and increase the local biodiversity by planting our trees and melliferous plants suiting the bees. To that effect we collaborate with the public program SYLVAPI as well as to the implementation of pollinic fallows.We also make sure to having an ecological mark as small as possible: our ecological manufacturing microsite, located in the middle of the countryside and close to our crops, reduces the pollutions resulting from the transports.Protection of the nourishing sources of the bees => high quality crops and healthier bees.

  • Respect of the rhythms and subtle strengths with the energetic apitherapy.

Bees are very sensitive to natural influences and human behaviours. Let us quote for instance: the temperature, noises, air, odors, the planet position, the beekeeper's feelings...His positive mood provides the bees with a positve vibratory energy, that has a subtle impact on the crops quality. The vibratory influence of planets and man can concretly be measured with specialized methods like bio photonics, radiesthesia, sensitive crystallization tests.These subtle energetic and vibratory strengths are preserved and amplified at every step of our products manufacturing and packaging thanks to the principles of energetic Apitherapy and to the concrete potentisation methods.. Rhythms and subtle strengths respected => preservation and amplification of the vibratory active and energetic principles of the apiary ingredients => bio apitheray preparations more active.

  •  Respect of manufacturing with ecological low-tech processes

It is a crucial step that cannot be delegated and requires a great know-how. Actually the bio raw materials can easily be denaturated or weakened during their transformation into care and beauty preparations.Our ecological manufactring microsite located in the middle of the countryside is living to the rhythm of nature. We are making by ourselves, on site and in small series, the main part of our preparations. Aiming to an optimal safety, all the provided apiary ingredients are always completely identified from the hive to the airless bottle!We are therefore using exclusive low-tech and nondestructive manufacturing methods which preserve the quality and the exceptional concentration of our ingredients in active and subtle principles. These very innovative processes are based on a careful observation of the hive: for instance our natural pollen conservation process Hydro plus® with no need of low temperature is directly inspired from the hive know-how.Visitors who come and see us are often surprised by the few machines we are using: energizing long-lasting hand mixing and lengthy macerations are the very base of our home-made manufacturing methods. They also are not avid for energy and (source) water and have therefore a more beneficial effect on the environment. We do no test on animals at no manufacturing step as well.Gentle nondestructive and potentised manufacturing => naturally preserved preparations.

  •  Respect of human being with binding economic contract.

It is not enough if you offer cure, beauty and well-being preparations with the highest quality possible to work for a better human well-being.As we ourselves are a small owner-managed family firm, we can see everyday the importance of economy in the everybody life. It is essential to favour a local and binding economy where everyone can find a job and blossom out. L'Apiculture Douce® (Gentle Beekeeping) is contributing towards a human-sized responsible economy, rooted in a region: it takes an active part in the redeployment of employment in the rural environment. We create close ties with the small craftmen who are manufacturing some of our products and sharing our philosophy.Our contract Total Agreement binding us with the small local beekeepers is the spine of Gentle Beekeeping.

It provides the following guarantees:

  • For the firm: a steady and smoothly production of apiary ingredients, produced with most progressive ecological methods.
  • For the beekeepers: true purchase prices for raw materials as well as a long-lasting collaboration, respect of their independence.
  • For the society: keeping a regional economy favouring the small economic and ecological structures.
  • For the environment: collective participation to the increase of the local biodiversity.
  • Choice of harvest and manufacturing methods with a weak ecological impact.
  • Man in harmony with man => economic vitality, society well-being and industrial harmony.

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